Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I have not received my voter registration card?

If you have not received your voter card yet, you can contact your voter affairs office by phone to check the status of your card. Be sure you have signed your voter app and mailed in the information we have sent you. If you have not done this, you will need to before your card will be sent out.

2. Where do I vote in my area?

If you do not know where you need to vote in your area, you will need to contact your voter affairs office and ask them where your voting polls are located.

3. How long till I receive my voter card?

You should receive your voter card about 3 weeks after mailing your signed application into your state office. You can contact your voter affairs office for the status of your application.

4. Why is there a fee, I thought registering to vote was free?

You are correct, registering to vote is free. We are a convenience service and nothing more. No different than an attorney charging you to fill out papers that you could fill out and file yourself. We save you time by making most of your voter application automated by completing the forms for you, and giving you the correct mailing address to send your information to your state. Our system is very easy to use, and highly effective. The fee we charge pays for the technology used to offer a service like ours and make registering to vote easier, and saving time. If you wish to download the form to manually complete your registration papers, you can do so by clicking here.

5. How can I determine if im already registered?

If you do not know if you are already registered, you will need to contact your voter affairs office and ask them to search in the voter rolls for your name.

6. Can I register to vote before I turn 18?

You can register to vote before you turn 18. As long as you are 18 by the next election, you can legally send your information in so that you will be on the voter rolls.

7. I lost my voter card, how can I get it replaced?

You will need to contact your voter affairs office and ask them to send you a duplicate card.

8. How do I remove a deceased person from the voter roles?

You will need to contact your voter affairs office. Typically, they will ask you to fax or mail in a copy of the death certificate to verify.

9. How do I change my address, political party, or update my information?

Our system allows you to do just that. You will change information just like you would register to vote as a new voter. Our system will recognize your intentions.

10. Why am I being charged $9.95 a month?

At the end of the application process you chose to become enroll in our member site. This is seperate from your service fee you paid to have your application produced. This service was voluntary at the end of the application process. You DO NOT get automatically enrolled in the membership program by using our application service. That membership is a free 30 day trial, then you will be billed $9.95 a month every month there after until cancelled. The membership gives you addresses and phone numbers to your voter offices, as well gives you election reminders on upcoming events. If you wish to cancel, you will need to send an email with your name, email address, and phone number to thru our contact us system and request cancellation. DO NOT email us about cancellation if you did not proceed to signup thru a seperate process to become a member.